Re: What is wrong with reference into std::map?

"Jim Langston" <>
Sun, 14 May 2006 11:35:36 -0700
"Ron Natalie" <> wrote in message

Jim Langston wrote:

    std::string& MyString2 = (*it).second;
    MyString = "Goodbye";

You're going to kick yourself, but you want MyString2 in
the above line. You're righting into the first inserted
string here.

    ID = 2;
    it = MyMap.insert( MyMap.end(), std::make_pair< unsigned int,
std::string >( ID, std::string() ) );
    MyString = (*it).second;

This doesn't initialize a reference, it assigns the value of second
into where MyString was initialized (your first insertion).

Oh, well, shoot. You're right. That totally excaped me. If the reference
is declared on the same line, then it initializes it.

Hmm.. so how do you assign a reference that has already been initialized?
int int1;
int int2;
int& MyRef = int1;
Who do I do to get MyRef to point to int2 now? Or can I?

    MyString = "The End";

And this does another such assignment

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