Re: Reference to void

"James Kanze" <>
1 Nov 2006 11:30:06 -0500
<> wrote:

Dilip wrote:

Frederick Gotham wrote:

    int &const r; /* Compile ERROR */

Just a tiny nit -- this is not a compile error. VC 2005 treats it as
an "anachronism" and ignores the const qualifier on a reference.

{ according to 8.3.2/1 it is ill-formed. -mod }

So a conforming compiler should treat it as an error? Then its
probably a bug with VC 2005 because the following lines:

int j = 23;
int& const i = j;


warning C4227: anachronism used : qualifiers on reference are ignored

Which is fine if they document this as a diagnostic. It's a
diagnosible error, according to the standard. Which means that
a conforming implementation must issue a diagnostic. There's
nothing forbidding the diagnostic from containing the word
"warning" (and nothing requiring it to contain the word error),
and there's nothing forbidding the implementation from going on
and compiling the code. (FWIW: Sun has used the "anachronism"
message for years.)

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