Re: references to functions

Barry <>
Tue, 01 Jan 2008 20:05:07 +0800
Rahul wrote:

On Jan 1, 4:47 pm, Barry <> wrote:

Barry wrote:

Rahul wrote:

In this case you couldn't use reference to function, as you can't change
the what the reference refers to after the reference is
bound(initialized) to some object. Use pointer to function instead.

 But thats not happening, i expected an error when i tried to assign
the second function to the already assigned reference...
but it doesn't, which is what my query is all about...

What compiler are you using?
all the compilers that I can reach
gcc4.2.2, VC8, Comeau online, icc9.1
reject the code.
void foo(int) {}
void bar(int) {}
typedef void FT(int);
int main()
  FT& rf = foo;
  //rf = bar; // compile-error here
  return 0;

Well, something to add,

FT& rf
is actually means
FT const& rf, where const is ignored if you say it.
so /rf/ is actually not a modifiable l-value.

I guess, you meant FT &const rf...

There's no such thing.

FT const& rf == const FT& rf;

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