Re: Class reference member problem

"Daniel T." <>
Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:44:11 -0500
tech <> wrote:

Hi, i have the following situation

class B

public: // I'm assuming either createBobj is public, or
        // A is a friend of B.

  static B createBobj();

// I'm assuming you meant to put a ';' after that closing brace.

Class A

// I'm assuming you meant "class A"


// I'm assuming func() returns void

     m_obj = createobj();

// I'm assuming that was supposed to be "m_obj = B::createBobj();"


   B& m_obj;

Obviously doesn't compile so

Obviously. :-)

In class A i want to hold a reference to an instance of class B
created by the
factory method createBObj. i can't initialise my reference member in
constructor as
class A needs to do some other initialisation before creating instance
of B.

So how to solve this problem?

Lastly, I'm assuming you can't change class B, and that B has proper
copy construction semantics...

class A {
   B m_obj;
   void func() {
      m_obj = B::createBobj();

It will not hold the exact instance created by createBobj(), but it will
hold an instance that is in the same state.

Or did I make too many assumptions... :-)

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