Re: String literals and templates

"kanze" <>
17 Aug 2006 11:22:46 -0400
Aaron Graham wrote:

Frederick Gotham wrote:

The first question that comes to mind is, why don't you simply have the

    template<class T>
    void Foo(T const *);

If you only want an array to be passed, and if you want to
retain its length, then:

But my example implies that this is certainly not the case. I
don't just want arrays to be passed. Anything that has a
defined operator<< is allowed. That includes ints and
std::strings as well as char arrays and even user defined
serializable objects.

In which case, the simplest solution is probably to just provide
a non template function for the char const* case. This is what
I do in my ostream wrappers, and it seems to work. I wasn't
bothered by the number of functions, but the template version
didn't instantiate correctly, I forget why. Adding the non
templated overload made it work, however.

If you want to support manipulators as well, you'll also have to
provide a non-template version for them. Since the manipulators
themselves are template functions, the compiler really doesn't
have enough to go on otherwise for type deduction.

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