Re: Messaging Frameworks in Embedded C/C++ / Serialization

"kanze" <>
9 Oct 2006 09:53:23 -0400
bwood wrote:

James Kanze wrote:

bwood wrote:

I'm not sure about the external part. I guess you mean
that as something separate from the compiler. In order to
do a decent job with it, much of what a compiler does is

Why? You wouldn't be starting from C++, but the design
document which describes the protocol. So define the syntax
of the design document in a way that is easy to compile.

If I understand correctly, you would be supporting a subset of
C++ that is needed by the protocol.

Not necessarily. If I wanted a object/method oriented protocol,
I'd probably use Corba, possibily stripping out the parts I
didn't need. Often, however, a data oriented protocol is
sufficient. In such cases, I'll usually invent a very, very
simple data description language. Something, say, that I can
parse with about ten lines of AWK.

Part of what I mean by using the word decent above is that the
process of writing send/receive functions for user defined
types should be automated.

Agreed. But that's pretty simple, since what I'd do is generate
a class type with the necessary serialization for starters.

If programmers are responsible for those functions, it is
easier to write tools like this, but it is error prone to have
to keep the send/receive functions in sync with changes made
to the type.

They don't. Any changes made to the type are made in the data
description language you've invented, and the various scripts
then regenerate all of the necessary code.

Versioning can be a pain in such cases, but the tools I'm
familiar with don't help much there either; in fact, it's
sometimes easier to handle it in a protocol you design yourself.

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