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Carl Barron <>
12 Jan 2007 05:29:44 -0500
In article <>,
<> wrote:

I'm writing a set of classes intended to shim the way a midly exotic
operating environment--an extensible DBMS in this case--handles I/O.
The idea is that I have a set of classes already written that serialize
themseves into files in the orthodox fashion. That is I have:

class Synopses
 SIZE_T read ( std::istream * fin );
 SIZE_T write ( std::ostream * fout );

So! I want to create a class that sub-classes ostream to write to a
new, mildly exotic, kind of stream. In my bad-old-C-days I would simply
have created a lil vector of function pointers with tons of (void **),
but I'm convinced this is 'bad form'.

 You might want to see boost's serialization library []
if this can be used it will make the problem probably easier to solve.
  Boost has an iostreams library that uses an OOP approach to
constructing a working streambuf and corresponding stream.

 If these work it saves a lot of time and energy:)

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