Re: Saving class members to a binary file

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Fri, 15 Jun 2007 14:37:27 -0400
<f4um99$gia$> wrote:

I have some code that works it seems a bit of a hack. I want to know
if there is a more c++y way to do it.

Here's my code:-

class CMyClass{
void Save(CFile fOut);
void Load(CFile fOut);

char *mPointerIDoNotWantTosave;
char *mAnotherPointerIDoNotWantTosave;
//start of data i want to save
int mDataStart;

int mDataEnd;
} ;

CMyClass::Save(CFile fOut)
   int dataSize = (char *)mDataEnd - (char *)mDataStart) +
   fOut.Write(&mDataStart, dataSize);

Are you sure that between 'mDataStart' and the end of the chunk you
are saving there are no pointers to dynamic memory? It is possible
that what you're saving does not necessarily allow to restore the
object from file.


I guess I could make my Save and Load functions write each member
individually, but that seems pretty tedious and makes changing the
class a pain. Is there a better way?

Not really. "Serialization" is a rather complex issue, but the most
simple part of it is "store only the information that would allow
you to recreate the object when you run your program next time and
read the file; but no less".

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