STL linked list w/multiple entries?

"Jim Langston" <>
Mon, 7 Apr 2008 22:49:59 -0700
Is there an STL linked list that allowes multiple entries per "level"?

I'm suspecting no and will have to create my own using some STL container(s)
wrapped in a class.

What I'm working on for the heck of it is mapping routers on the internet
from my computer's point of view. That is, when I do a tracert (traceroute
in linux) I get a list of routers. I want to put these in a container so
that I can view them graphically. For a simple tracert a single list would
suffice. :But for multiple tracerts as data is gathered one router will
connect to more than one other router, and there are times when one router
may be connected from more than one router.

I'm probably going to do what I normally do with this type of data, a map of
a class that contains maps. I.E. something like:

class Foo
   Foo* Parent;
   std::list<Foo> Data;

then I'll use a std::map<Foo*> or such to be able to find quickly which Foo
the entry is in. I just don't like having to use naked pointers too much,
especially since serializing it for saving will be a pain.

Jim Langston

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