Re: is it ok to use c++ STL containers like string inside a structure and pass in message ques?

SG <>
Wed, 4 Feb 2009 05:14:56 -0800 (PST)
On 4 Feb., 10:59, ashjas <> wrote:

I tried to use string containers inside a structure and pass it in
message queue to recieve at other end...but got different kinds of
errors..segmentation fault..junk values etc...

Sounds like you just copy a struct byte by byte. This won't work for
all kinds of objects. For those it'll work we say they are "trivially
copyable". If any of your struct's members is not trivially copyable
then your struct won't be trivially copyble. If your case std::string
is NOT trivially copyable. Most containers are also not trivially
copyable. So, you require some more advanved way of (de-)

I never actually tried Boost.Serialization but it looks very useful.
Apparently it supports many "STL classes" out of the box. You just
need to provide a simple pair of functions serialize/deserialize for
each user-defined type that simply serialize/deserialize the members.


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