Re: Using string correctly

From: (Carl Barron)
Mon, 26 Feb 2007 21:20:17 CST
Felix Bollenbeck <> wrote:

Hi all,
I bet there is a more elegant (more OO-like) alternative to this C
like construct

char buff[255];

Can anybody point me to the right direction - Im new to C++



   std::ostringstream os
   os << "out" << std::setfill('0') << std::setw(3) << i++ << ".tif";
  this is a C++ way. Since the string involved is 10 chars long it
should be sufficiently fast. but with a small string like this
and a C api for the string,
   char buff[11]; // the string length + 1 == 11.
   if(i < 1000)
   else throw some_error();
  is probably more efficient and safe.
if you have snprintf() it is safer as there is no chance for a
buffer overrun, [not present in this example since we are creating
a fixed length string]

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