When are compiler generated functions generated?

Andrew Shepherd <shepherd_a@hotmail.com>
Mon, 13 Aug 2007 22:57:07 CST
Suppose I had this class:

class NonCopyable
    NonCopyable(const NonCopyable&);
    NonCopyable& operator=(const NonCopyable&);

// BigClass.h

class BigClass : NonCopyable

   typedef std::vector<Widget> VecWidget;
   typedef std::set<VecWidget> VecWidgetSet;
   typedef std::multi_map<DooDad, VecWidgetSet> OneReallyUglyMap;

   OneReallyUglyMap m_reallyUglyMap;

In my project, there are 100 .CPP files that include BigClass.h. As
the code indicates, the class is never copied.

Is the compiler going to go ahead and generate a copy constructor and
assignment operator, even though I don't want or need one?

If the compiler is going to generate these functions, will it generate
these functions once, or for every .CPP file that includes this?

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