Re: Initialize static members with objects

Victor Bazarov <>
Wed, 04 Feb 2009 16:24:08 -0500
Johannes Bauer wrote:

Hello group,

I'm changing some code from C-style to STL-C++. In the old code,
something along the lines of this is used:

struct foo {
    int x, y;

class moo {
        const foo[] foos;

That's not a valid C++ declaration (static or no static).


and then in a cpp-file:

const foo[] moo::foos = {

That's not a valid C++ declaration.

     { 12, 14 },
    { 99, 3 },
    { 1, 2 },
    { 0 },

Now I'd like to change that to

class moo {
        const std::set<foo> foos;

and init that like the above C-style declaration. Is that possible? If
so, how?

I don't think you can init a set. You can, however, init something else
and make it fill the set, like so:

     const std::set<foo> moo::foos;

     int foo_filler(std::set<foo>& set_to_fill)
         foo foos[] = { { 12, 14 }, { 99, 3 }, { 1, 2 }, { 0 } };

     int dummy = foo_filler(moo::foos);

Now, your 'foo' struct does not satisfy the requirement to be
Less-Than-Comparable. It has to have operator< defined for it to be the
element of a std::set. Or you need to provide a predicate for sorting
those structs. Read your favourite C++ book on standard containers.

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