Re: I need to create an inverted pyramid, please help me

Jerry Coffin <>
Thu, 19 Feb 2009 10:12:30 -0700
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On 18 Feb, 16:48, wrote:

Hey guys,

I just need some help here, I kept on redoing this but still no luck.
I need to code an inverted pyramid:


Ok so you must be thinking that this is from my class. YES IT IS! And
you must be thinking that teaching me would defeat the purpose of
learning! YUP!

However, I want to let you know that this pyramid is killing me and I
need to pass it tomorrow. I have coded it already, but it doesn't
work. I just kept redoing it over and over.

I just need some guidance please. Please share me what you learned and
guide me.

in pseudo code:
(define (-- n) (- n 1))
(define (n-times fun n)
    (if (not (zero? n))
            (fun n)
            (n-times fun (-- n)))))
(define (display-row biggest-row n port)
    (n-times (lambda (n) (display " " port)) (ceiling (/ (- biggest-
row n) 2)))
    (n-times (lambda (n) (display "*" port)) n)
(define (display-pyramid rows port)
    (define (rec-disp-py rows n port)
              ((zero? n) (display-row rows 1 port))
              ((> n 0)
                  (display-row rows n port)
                  (rec-disp-py rows (- n 2) port)
     (rec-disp-py rows rows port))
(define (pyramid)
    (display-pyramid 6 (current-output-port)))

If you're going to use tail recursion instead of a real loop, why not
something simple and straightforward like this:

bool pyramid(int lineCount, int current=0) {
=09int i=2*(lineCount-current);
=09std::cout << std::setw(i+current) << std::string(i, '*') << '\n';
=09return (current < lineCount) && pyramid(lineCount, current+1);

Of coure, I've cheated and ignored the special case for the last row,
but if you're ignoring the really basic requirement of using a for loop
why worry about something as trivial as working incorrectly? :-)


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