Re: how to iterator and delete elements in std::set

Michael Doubez <>
Thu, 25 Nov 2010 03:55:24 -0800 (PST)
On 25 nov, 10:55, sasoon <> wrote:

On Nov 22, 1:12 am, zl2k <> wrote:

hi, there

std::set<Obj> objs;
for (auto obj_iterator = objs.begin(); obj_iterator != objs.end(); =


    if (obj_iterator.do_you_want_to_be_erased() == true){


Now I have the trouble since the iterator is destroyed after the first
erase. What is the proper way to do the job? Thanks.

I would use std::remove_if

Would you ? Please, try it out before answering.

std::remove_if() copies the elements in the range such as removing the
unwanted value and returns the iterator to one past the last copied.

It doesn't work with std::set<> for two reason:
  - the value are const and elements cannot be copied (in general)
  - the internal structure is likely to be a RB-tree. copying the
values would make it a mess.


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