c++ problem with temporany reference

alessio211734 <alessio211734@yahoo.it>
Fri, 22 Nov 2013 05:49:53 -0800 (PST)

I have the following problem. I have this method:

void holeFilling::updateNearFaces( tri::Allocator<CMeshO>::PointerUpdater<CMeshO::FacePointer> pu, std::set<CMeshO::FacePointer> & faces )
    std::set<CMeshO::FacePointer>::iterator it;
    for (it=faces.begin();it!=faces.end();++it)
        //CMeshO::FacePointer fp=(*it);
        if (pu.NeedUpdate()) pu.Update((*it));

where the function Update is defined as:

template<class SimplexPointerType>
class PointerUpdater
   void Update(SimplexPointerType &vp)
    //if(vp>=newBase && vp<newEnd) return;
    if(vp<oldBase || vp>oldEnd) return;
        vp = newBase + remap[vp-newBase];

with the microsoft compiler with no problem while with mingw I get an error.
....holeFilling.cpp:1471: error: no matching function for call to 'vcg::tri::Allocator<CMeshO>::PointerUpdater<CFaceO*>::Update(CFaceO* const&)'
         if (pu.NeedUpdate()) pu.Update((*it));
if I replace the code so:

CMeshO::FacePointer fp=(*it);
if (pu.NeedUpdate()) pu.Update(fp);
compile on mingw but its different because I need to change the pointer (*it).

Thanks in advance.


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