Re: Template Help: Map<T, int> and Set<T>

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Tue, 6 Jun 2006 12:56:13 -0400
Stuart Moore wrote:

Hi, I'm quite new to templates and I seem to be getting myself messed
up. I want to write a function that takes a map<T, int> and a set<T>,
iterates over the set, and increments the corresponding int in the map
(or sets it to 1 if it doesn't already exist).

I can write the function itself for a given type, but I can't figure
out what template statement(s) I need to put before it to make it
generalise. Stuff I've tried unsuccessfully is below.

Any help much appreciated; please reply to the group as email address
is invalid.

template <typename T>
void increment(map<T, int>& theMap, const set<T> theSet){

Pass the set by [const] reference.


template <typename T, template <T, int> class map, template <T> class
set> void increment(map<T, int>& theMap, const set<T> theSet){

This compiles for me (with proper includes):

template<class T> void increment_or_assign(std::map<T,int> &m,
                                           std::set<T> const& s)
    // whatever...

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