Re: Using unique with std::map

Carl Barron <>
Thu, 27 Mar 2008 11:01:47 CST
In article
Vitaly <> wrote:

How can I use unique algorithm with map container?

I can't compile the following neither using STL Port, nor MSVC.8 STL

   you can't use mutating sequence algorithms on associative containers,
they would [if they did compile] destroy the invariant[s] of the
associative container.

If you want a collection of pairs with unique first and second values
then perhaps a std::set<std::pair<int,std::string> > is more
as it won't store duplicate entries so it would only contain
    pair(1,"aaa") and pair(2,"bbb"). Pair(3,"aaa") would not be inserted.

const char *text[] = {"aaa","bbb","aaa",0};
std::set<std::pair<int,std::string> > s;
const char **p = text;

for(int i=0;*p;++i,++p)


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