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Fri, 18 May 2012 14:15:08 -0700 (PDT)
Am 18.05.2012 15:03, schrieb Mark Summerfield:

Is what I'm trying to do very much against the grain of C++11? Or is
it that I'm taking the wrong approach?

Scenario: I have validator functions that take a string and return
an object of a given type, e.g., int validator(string); string
validator(string); bool validator(string) --- or throws if the
string can't be converted to the required type (e.g., for int the
string doesn't represent a number or is too big or too small). These
work fine. But I also want to create a validator that takes an
existing validator plus a collection of specific values and returns
a new validator that does the conversion (or throws) and if it
hasn't thrown then checks to see if the converted item is in the

I'm not sure what you are asking for. It seems that your function
template makeSetValidator does what you want to realize. You seem to
have some assumptions about template deduction that aren't valid,
though, for details see below.

I changed the code along the lines you suggested:

template<typename T>
struct identity { typedef T type; };
template<typename T>
using NonDeduced = typename identity<T>::type;

template<typename T>
using Validator = std::function<T(const std::string)>;

Btw.: I wasn't suggestion to change your signature T(const
std::string&) to T(const std::string).

template<typename C>
Validator<typename C::value_type>
makeSetValidator(const C&validItems,
                   NonDeduced<Validator<typename C::value_type>>
      return [=](const std::string s)->typename C::value_type{
          const auto x = validate(s);

Just as a remark: Your previous form binding the result of the
validate call by reference was valid, because the reference is
life-time extended. But I think your new code is more idomatic than
before (There is no real advantage of binding to a reference and such
code is questionable at best).

          if (std::find(std::begin(validItems), std::end(validItems), x)
              != std::end(validItems))
              return x;
          throw ValueError("Invalid item '" + s + "'");

I also tried changing the call site:

auto v = makeSetValidator(std::set<int>{-4, 8, 31}, validate);

But g++ 4.7.0 gave me this:

The error is understandable. It becomes easier to understand this,
when you simplify your example to the following form:

Validator<int> v = validate;

I expect the same kind of error here. The problem is easy to
understand: As defined, the template parameter of validate cannot be
deduced without further information. A possible way to provide this
context information is to specify the *exact* function pointer type,
like so:

int(*p)(const std::string&) = validate;

But std::function<X> is not function pointer type, nor is it a type
that requires a special function pointer of function type X. It
accepts any form of Callable type that is "compatible" with the
function type X, especially conversions of the parameter types of X or
of the return type of X are all supported. The relevant constructor of
std::function is this one:

template<class F> function::function(F);

Note that this is also a template, so we have a catch-22 situation here:
You want to have the return type of template validate deduced given a
template that needs the necessary information to deduce template
parameter F here.

I see no way except that you somehow specify the return type of
validate as in your original form. Alternatively you could provide a
further overload of makeSetValidator that accepts a special function
pointer type, like so:

template<typename C>
Validator<typename C::value_type>
makeSetValidator(const C& validItems,
                   NonDeduced<typename C::value_type(*)(const
std::string&)> validate);

with the same definition as your current definition. (Above form
assumes that your validate function has the following declaration

template<typename T>
T validate(const std::string &s);

HTH & Greetings from Bremen,

Daniel Kr?gler

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