Re: Singleton Pattern without Static Method

James Kanze <>
5 Jun 2006 19:21:20 -0400
Valentin Samko wrote: wrote:

      I have been trying to understand if there's a way to implement
Singleton Pattern without Using Static Methods?

= myfile.h =
   class Singleton { ... };
   Singleton* getInstance();

= myfile.cpp =
   Singleton s;
   Singleton* getInstance() { return &s; }

Of course one can not safely use this before "main", but one
can use a nifty counter or other techniques to address this

It will also cause problems as soon as you use the idiom for
more than one class -- you need some sort of naming convention.

Also, of course, it's not a singleton. There's nothing to
prevent a user from declaring a local instance.

In answer to his question, you can always use a friend function
instead of a static member. But why bother? Or more to the
point, what's the real difference?

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