Re: Singleton class fails on reboot

6 Jul 2006 11:24:10 -0700
mlimber wrote:

mlimber wrote:

See chapter 6 of _Modern C++ Design_ for more than you ever wanted to
know about templates in C++.


I meant "singletons" not "templates" (although, the latter might also
apply). --M

Thanks, I will try it out.

But this is the singleton template I was using, do you see any issues
why this would not start when the machine reboots.

class DLLEXPORT CSingleton

    // Return A reference to the instance of the CSingleton class.
    // If there is no instance of the class yet, one will be created.
    static T& Instance()
        if (m_instance == 0 )
            if (m_instance == 0)
                m_instance = new T;

                // exit processing function
        return *(CSingleton::m_instance);

    // Destroys the CSingleton class instance.
    // Be aware that all references to the single class instance will be
    // invalid after this method has been executed!
    static void DestroyInstance()
        delete m_instance;
        m_instance = NULL;


    // shield the constructor and destructor to prevent outside sources
    // from creating or destroying a CCSingleton instance.

    inline explicit CSingleton() { CSingleton::m_instance =
static_cast<T*>(this); }
    inline ~CSingleton() { CSingleton::m_instance = 0; }


    inline explicit CSingleton(CSingleton const&) {}
    inline CSingleton& operator=(CSingleton const&) { return *this; }


    static T* m_instance; // CSingleton class instance

// static class member initialisation.
//template <typename T> T* CSingleton<T>::m_instance = 0;


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