Singleton Server Problem, please help

=?Utf-8?B?VGhvbWFz?= <>
Wed, 17 Sep 2008 23:02:01 -0700

I have developed a Singelton C++ ATL (EXE) server. This ATL stores a
Userdefined Interface and has a get and a set method.



STDMETHODIMP CGlobalService::get_FieldCollection(IFieldCollection **pVal)
*pVal = NULL;

if(m_pFieldCollection) { EVAL_HR(m_pFieldCollection.CopyTo(pVal)); }

return S_OK;

STDMETHODIMP CGlobalService:ut_FieldCollection(IFieldCollection *newVal)
m_pFieldCollection = newVal;

return S_OK;

If the first client connects to the Server the ATL server is started. All
other clients will also connect to one server instance! The first client is
calling the mthod put_FieldCollection. All other clients can now call
get_FieldCollection successful.

If client 1 is terminated no other client can call get_FieldCollection(...).
The remote Server is not available.

I think my problem is the put_FieldCollection(IFieldCollection *newVal)
mehod. How can I clone the interface from Client1 context to Server

m_pFieldCollection = newVal;

makes an AddRef to the original interface pointer. If client1 is terminated
the interface pointer is no longer valid??? How can I clone the interface
pointer to the server?



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