Re: Singleton and static function

Salt_Peter <>
Fri, 31 Oct 2008 09:59:23 -0700 (PDT)
On Oct 31, 10:27 am, John Doe <> wrote:


I have a singleton class defined like this :

class UIManager : public CSingleton<UIManager>,

c CObject

        friend class CSingleton<UIManager>;

        virtual ~UIManager();



and I was using this code like this :

UIManager* l_pUiMgr = UIManager::GetInstance();
ASSERT (l_pUiMgr != NULL);
l_pUiMgr->GetResText( a_ResId, bStripHtml);

But I was fed up with always typing this so I have declared below my
UIManager class a static function :

static inline UIManager& UIManager() { return *(UIManager::GetInstance())=

; }

and I wanted to be able to call it like that :

UIManager().GetResText( a_ResId, bStripHtml);

The problem is I get some compilations errors with the code in A)

5>c:\wce_v42\inc\BaseView.h(227) : error C2065: 'l_pUiMgr' : undeclared

Why I cannot write UIManager* now ?

Why don't you tell us? l_pUiMgr is an undeclared identifier. You are
doing something wrong, what that might be we don't know. Put together
a simple, compileable case forth without MS-specific macros.

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