Re: Non-static singleton setup to control life time

Kirill_Lykov <>
Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:11:17 CST
On Dec 14, 11:46 pm, Kris Prad <> wrote:

I want to setup a singleton, without 'static' initialization. My
motive is to control the life time of the Singleton, bounded by its
scope, something I cannot do with the statics.

Not this way. This uses static:

Single* Get()
   Static Single s; // do not want static
   Return &s;


Instead, I am doing this (please ignore thread safety issues)
Single* g_Single = NULL; // global singleton ptr
struct Single

                if (!g_Single)
                        g_Single = this;
                   throw string("Single is a singleton");
                g_Single = NULL;


 Is this ugly or acceptable?


Well, you should understand the difference between Singleton patterns
and global variable. What you have described is not a singleton.
if you want to control lifetime of you variable you may use Meyers
singleton. Nevertheless, I recommend you to avoid using both
singletons and global variables, for additional details read
"Refactoring to Patterns" by Joshua Kerievsky, chapter 6. Inline

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