Re: C++ and Games

"mlimber" <>
15 May 2006 05:56:21 -0700
Rolf Magnus wrote:

Vaclav Haisman wrote:

AB wrote:

Dear All,

I've passed out of college and joined a PC games co (read DirectX). Can
anyone tell me what future prospects are there for a game developer?

I have not heard about a single major game that has been done in
anything else than C++.

Well, many have been written in C (remember Quake?), but I think, nowadays,
C++ dominates the game programming world.

From what my friend at EA tells me, while they use C++ for Madden, NCAA

football, etc., they shun the STL, Boost-ish extensions, and the like
and make use of a lot of global singletons. They use their custom
versions of memset and of malloc instead of new (overloaded or
otherwise), and I presume they likewise eschew exceptions. It sounds
more like C-style code written with some C++ syntax rather than "pure"
C++/OO programs. (Of course, C++ intends to support multiple
programming paradigms, and EA has a lot of legacy code that came from
C-only programs.)

Cheers! --M

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