Re: Threadsafe singletons

"Matthias Hofmann" <>
31 Jul 2006 11:56:41 -0400
"David Barrett-Lennard" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Matthias Hofmann wrote:

"David Barrett-Lennard" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

It is assumed that no additional threads are created until after


begins. Therefore before main() only one thread can call
GetInstance(). Even if other static initialization code causes
GetInstance() to be called there is no threading issue.

You mean *dynamic* initialization code, don't you?

Are these precise formal terms? I'm referring to the code that runs
when constructors of static objects execute before main() begins.

The terms "static initialization" and "dynamic initialization" are defined
in section 3.6.2/1 of the standard.

the lazy creation within GetInstance() ensures that the MySingleton
object is properly constructed before it is first used.

After main() is called, threads may be created that call

Yes, *after* main() has been called. But what about calling
MySingleton::GetInstance() *before* main() is called? There is no


that InitMySingleton's constructor will be called before that happens.

So what? The program will behave correctly. There is no racing
condition. MySingleton is created before it is first used
(irrespective of when GetInstance() is first called before main()
begins), as required.

My mistake. You are right.

Matthias Hofmann
Anvil-Soft, CEO - The Creators of Toilet Tycoon - Die Macher des Klomanagers

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