Re: type traits and element specific functions: design problem

"Greg Herlihy" <>
17 Oct 2006 14:36:13 -0400
Andy wrote:

I am posting below some dummy code which defines a traits template
class and adds a singe typedef. The typedef refers to some defined
class in the progam - I have defined a few dummy classes for that
purpose. Sorry for using the macro to generate code for the dummy

I compile this code using:
// --- code start --- file: trait_exesize.cpp --- //

#include <iostream>

#define dummy_class(class_name) struct class_name \ {\
                std::cout << #class_name" constructed"
<< std::endl;\
                std::cout << #class_name" destructed"
<< std::endl;\


template <int DLG_ID> struct dialog_traits {
        typedef int val_t;

template <>
struct dialog_traits<1>
        typedef A val_t;


int main()
        /**/dialog_traits<1>::val_t a;
        dialog_traits<2>::val_t b;
        dialog_traits<3>::val_t c;
        dialog_traits<4>::val_t d;
        dialog_traits<5>::val_t e;
        dialog_traits<6>::val_t f;
        dialog_traits<7>::val_t g;
        dialog_traits<8>::val_t h;
        dialog_traits<9>::val_t i;
        dialog_traits<10>::val_t j;
        dialog_traits<11>::val_t k;
        dialog_traits<12>::val_t l;/**/

        return 0;

It's the object allocations of variables a-l that require both storage
and code. So eliminating dialog_traits does not make the program any
smaller. In other words, a program with this main() routine:

    int main()
        A a;
        B b;
        C c;
        D d;
        E e;
        F f;
        A g;
        B h;
        C i;
        D j;
        E k;
        F l;

produces an identical program. So the dialog_traits class template
(being effectively a typedef) adds no overhead to this sample program.

The more pertinent issue is why allocate two objects of each class A-F?
These classes really should be implemented singletons (or as some kind
of namespace-scope function) if redundant overhead is to be eliminated.


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