Re: non type template specialization / recursive

"Bo Persson" <>
Sat, 10 Nov 2007 13:22:08 +0100
er wrote:
:: following up with this: what i'd like to implement is a recursion,
:: but as below it does not work...
:: template<unsigned int M>
:: class A{
:: public:
:: static A<M>& instance();
:: private:
:: A();
:: };
:: template<unsigned int M>
:: A<M>& A<M>::instance(){
:: static A<M> singleton;
:: return singleton;
:: };
:: template<unsigned int M>
:: //A<M>::A(){A<M-1>& ref = A<M-1>::instance();};//RECURSION. NOT
:: FINE. template<>
:: class A<0>{
:: public:
:: static A<0>& instance(){
:: static A<0> singleton;
:: return singleton;
:: };
:: private:
:: A(){};
:: };
:: ../header.hpp: In constructor 'A<M>::A() [with unsigned int M =
:: 1u]': ../header.hpp:15: instantiated from 'static A<M>&
:: A<M>::instance() [with unsigned int M = 1u]'
:: ../main.cpp:5: instantiated from here

You don't show what's in the main() function. Perhaps the problem lies

The code above looks pretty ok to me.

Bo Persson

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