Re: Help with naming convention requested

"Alf P. Steinbach" <>
Fri, 13 Jun 2008 19:50:26 +0200
* James Kanze:

[Not] talking about function call overhead. These instances are
used in a regular expression based tokenizer. If I use dynamic
initialization, then I need to parse the full regular
expression, building most of them in dynamically allocated
memory. And on my machine, here, that takes almost a half an
hour. Actually, I have modified the strategy somewhat, and the
time is coming down. But it is still measured in minutes (more
than 10), whereas loading a statically initialized table takes
practically 0 time.

Hm. Can't you separate the "compiled regex" data from the tokenizer stuff?

It seems to me that you're up against the same kind of general problem as with
arithmetic expression.

And the general solution there is to separate the compile-time and the run-time,
  like having one set of templated expression evaluators where an expression
reduces /at compile time/ to a function that evaluates it. In your case, it
would be a regular expression written in a way that invokes templates to
generate at compile time a function (or type that when instantiated) applies the
regular expression.

I haven't looked at the Boost regular expressions, but I doubt they work that
way or support that way -- it would be too nice! :-)

But it shouldn't be that hard to implement, and if the prospect of implementing
that seems too much work, suggestion above about separating static
"pre-compiled" (hand-compiled?) initialization data from functionality. Helps?


- Alf

PS: What I don't really understand is how these beasties refer to each other
(static initialization problem). But is there perhaps a possibility of
/bundling/ a lot of them in a singleton? Just a third (fourth) suggestion.

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