Re: Getting class object for specific COM local server process

Scot T Brennecke <>
Sat, 06 Jun 2009 03:24:15 -0500
wiikka wrote:

On 6 kes?, 09:37, Scot T Brennecke <> wrote:

wiikka wrote:

I need to launch multiple processes of the same COM local server
executable. If I use CoCreateInstance COM always attaches the object
to the running process if such exists.
If I launch local server executable manually using CreateProcess how
could I get the class object for that specific process? The server
doesn't register itself to the ROT.

Why? What do you think it will buy you to have multiple processes?

Well the server is windows app with UI and user may be using it. I
need to be sure that when I attach my COM object to the process it is
controlled only by my me. (User could lose his work e.g. if the server
would crash etc.)

So I would need mimic the CoCreateInstance for server. I'm wondering
that when I start the server process with -Embedding flag how could I
get the pointer to the correct class factory?

You are creating a COM object that is implemented by that local server
..exe, but you get your own object. Unless you are doing something that
forces the singleton model from the class factory, you have your own
object instance.

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