Do I need a singleton here? Or can I use std::move

"Jim Langston" <>
Mon, 18 Oct 2010 21:41:37 -0700
I am developing a font class for my opengl graphics library and I came
across a quandry. I have a font which is simply a value for font id and
wrapper code to load the font and kill it. Works fine, then I notice I
don't have a virtual destructor, nor any destructor at all. So I throw in a
virtual destructor and call the code to unload the glfont. I run the
program, now no fonts are visible.

The problem is that my fonts are stored in a map by font name and the font,
and of course std::maps along with most containers use copy.

I've been bitten by this before and wound up using pointers so I could
control when the destructor was called. This was okay since polymophism was
involved and I needed pointers anyway.

I thought about using some variant of a smart pointer but I would still be
working with pointer logic.

My next idea was to use some variant of the singlton pattern which in
implementation I wouldn't be using it more than a smart pointer anyway.

I have heard somethign about std::move being in 0x and that std::vector and
other containers were supposed to use std::move instead of copy. But if
that was the case I wouldn't be having this problem.

Any suggestions? I am willing to use any feature of 0x that Express 2010

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