http: get - HELP

"anthony" <>
4 May 2006 03:06:33 -0700
I am writing a program in c++ to open a specific web site and extract
the information in html for parsing.

Here is a segment of my code.

void OpenWebPage(const RCString& url ,const RCString& page)
   // url ie
   // page ie /index.php

  // coonect to internet over a socket on default port 80
  int Socket = clientSock(url.c_str(), 80);

  char* str = "GET " + page + " HTTP/1.0\n\n";

  // Send a request over the socket to the internet through an http
  send(Socket,str, len, 0);

  // retrieve information
  char buf[500];
  int sizeOfBuf = sizeof(buf);
  int bytes_read = 0;
      bytes_read = recv(Socket, buf, sizeOfBuf, 0);
      myStrBuffer += RCString(buf);
      memset(buf, 0, sizeof(buf));
 while (bytes_read == sizeOfBuf);

This works good for simple web sites ie

however, when i try this with a more complicated page value

The information cannot be retrieved as the request doesn't understand
the url / page.
please can someone help me to figure out what to do , or at least point
me in the right direction.


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