Re: how to convert byte array into integer

"Thomas J. Gritzan" <>
Fri, 21 Jul 2006 00:53:28 +0200
<e9p1h4$nu8$> schrieb:

I have Java client that connects to C++ server. The client sends
integer in binary using DataOutputStream write function. I am reading
these data into buffer. I have to convert this buffer back into
integer, but I am not sure how to do it.
This is my code:
        int32_t var1;
    uint8_t buf[4];

    soc = accept();
    while (true)
              socket->recv(&buf, 4);
              var1 = htonl(buf);//here I have to do casting. My supervisor

Must be ntohl (since you are converting from _n_etwork to _h_ost byte order.
Try this:

socket->recv((void*)&var1, 4);
var1 = ntohl(var1);

Actually, you don't need the cast (conversion to void* is done
automatically), and an C++ style cast (reinterpret_cast) would be preferred.

said that I must
                                   //use "void *".
                                   //I tried different combinations
like: (char*)(void *)buf, but everything failed
                                   //in the best case, I've been
getting some huge numbers (all I was sending
                                   //was numerical one)
Any help is appreciated.


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