Re: Socket Send Binary (Jpeg)

John Harrison <>
Thu, 22 Feb 2007 08:03:40 GMT
Jim Langston wrote:

"iwasinnihon" <> wrote in message

On Feb 21, 9:23 pm, Ian Collins <> wrote:

iwasinnihon wrote:

Thank you for your help thus far. I have changed it from strlen() to
gcount(). Now I am getting part of the picture. Why can't I get the
entire picture?

Please retain the context of the part of the message you are replying to.

Have a think about what happens to BytesIndex each time something is

Ian Collins.

You guys have really been helpful. I have altered my code to be as
seen below. It works fine for text documents and jpegs. But, it
won't work for Gifs or PNGs. It only displays part of the picture.
Any ideas why?

while( !file.eof() ) {
char buffer[1024] = "";
int BytesSent = 0;
int BytesIndex = 0;, 1024);
int BytesLeft = file.gcount();
while(BytesLeft != 0){
BytesSent = send(sock, &buffer[BytesIndex], BytesLeft, 0);
BytesLeft -= BytesSent;
BytesIndex +=BytesSent;

What is gcount? If you read a full block of data, it would be 1024 bytes.
How does gcount reflect this? Does gcount reflect, somehow, how much data
you actually read?

Of course gcount reflects how many bytes are actually read. Are you
trying to say it doesn't?

I can't see any problem with the code. I think the OP needs to use a
debugger to find out what is actually going wrong.


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