Re: Sockets question

"Karim" <>
24 Feb 2007 10:09:50 -0800
On Feb 24, 12:30 am, "Kirit S=E6lensminde"
<> wrote:

On Feb 24, 11:01 am, "Karim" <> wrote:


I have a server that it very simple. I declare a socket and I get a
descriptor and when calling listen i pass the value 5
(listen(g_socketDescriptor, 5) so I can queue 5 connections on that

Every time the blocking call to Accept() returns, I get back a new
descriptor say x1 ,x2,... x5
and I spawn a thread that does some heavy processing and write back to
the socket descriptor (x1,..,x5) that the thread was spawned with then
after a bit, it writes to this socket.

on the client side I noticed sometimes corrupted data which means the
threads when they write to those descriptors (using the call send()) i
might be sending data to the wrong client.

My understanding is that the descriptor is a unique identifier that i
could use to decide who to exactly send the data too from the

Can anyone see what is going wrong here? The code is too big so I`ll
just maybe give a snapshot.

        g_socketDescriptor = socket(PF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,0);
        bind(g_socketDescriptor,(struct sockaddr*)&socketAddress,
sizeof (socketAddress)

        int finalId;
        pthread_t tid;
        while (true)
            if ((finalId = accept(g_socketDescriptor,
                                (struct sockaddr*)&remoteAddress,
                                &remoteAddressLen)) == -1)

Thread code:

    // do some processing, then send some data




What are all of the C style casts for? You should replace them with
whatever C++ casts are appropriate for the casts you're using.

I had a problem where I was rather stupidly using a C cast interfacing
with a legacy library and had put it at the wrong level of a
structure. This was causing the program to write over the wrong buffer
causing all sorts of weird behaviour (I was actually seeing the this
pointer change when calling between methods on the same object). It
took me days to track it down because the cast always looked right. It
was only changing to C++ casts that let the compiler spot my stupid


Unfortunately, this doesn`t solve the problem. Any more ideas?

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