"Jim Langston" <>
Sat, 23 Jun 2007 09:19:02 -0700
"Mohitz" <> wrote in message

How do you write a function in C++ which returns a class object in
some cases and in others, returns something like a NULL pointer so
that i can know in the callee function that the object doesnt exist??

ClassName A()
  ClassName a;
  if (condition)
       return a;

Returning a pointer (as others have commented on) is a valid method. The
method I use for this, however, is to throw, since I want to return a

CPlayer& FindPlayer( const std::string Name )
    for ( map_player::iterator i = World.ConnectedPlayers.begin(); i !=
World.ConnectedPlayers.end(); ++i)
        if ( (*i).second.Character.Name == Name )
            return (*i).second;

    throw 0;



       CPlayer& TargetPlayer = FindPlayer( Name );
       PlayerMoveTo( TargetPlayer, ThisPlayer.Character.Map,
ThisPlayer.Character.Pos );
       SendMessageToPlayer( Socket, MSG_SERVER_MESSAGE, Name + "
summoned." );
   catch ( int )
       SendMessageToPlayer( Socket, MSG_SERVER_MESSAGE, Name + " not
found." );

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