Re: error:not a class

 yeah <>
Tue, 06 Nov 2007 21:25:00 -0800
On Nov 7, 10:03 am, DerekBaker <> wrote:

* yeah:

Hi friends,

i am new to c++ programming,when i compile c++ program got the error
as " not a class or struct name .I added all the headers files it
asked when compiling, but still getting error.
suggest me any idea that where i would have done wrong.

Error Report::
"RTPSource.hpp", line 49: cc0262: error: not a class or struct name

PLease explain me generally why this error occurs..

Any help in this would be appreciated.


Actually showing us the code would be better.


This is the code of RTPSource.hpp




#include "FramedSource.hpp"



#include "RTPInterface.hpp"


#include "NetCommon.hpp"

#include "MultiFramedRTPSource.hpp"

#include "sockets.hpp"


#define _RTP_SOURCE_HPP*/


#include "FramedSource.hpp"



#include "RTPInterface.hpp"


//typedef __int64 int64_t;

//typedef unsigned __int64 u_int64_t;

typedef unsigned u_int32_t;

typedef unsigned short u_int16_t;

typedef unsigned char u_int8_t;

class RTPReceptionStatsDB; // forward

class RTPSource: public FramedSource { //this is the place where I
am getting error


  static Boolean lookupByName(UsageEnvironment& env, char const*

                        RTPSource*& resultSource);

  u_int16_t curPacketRTPSeqNum() const { return fCurPacketRTPSeqNum; }

  u_int32_t curPacketRTPTimestamp() const { return
fCurPacketRTPTimestamp; }

  Boolean curPacketMarkerBit() const { return fCurPacketMarkerBit; }

  unsigned char rtpPayloadFormat() const { return
fRTPPayloadFormat; }

  virtual Boolean hasBeenSynchronizedUsingRTCP();

  Groupsock* RTPgs() const { return; }

  virtual void setPacketReorderingThresholdTime(unsigned uSeconds) =

  // used by RTCP:

  u_int32_t SSRC() const { return fSSRC; }

      // Note: This is *our* SSRC, not the SSRC in incoming RTP

     // later need a means of changing the SSRC if there's a collision

  unsigned timestampFrequency() const {return fTimestampFrequency;}

  RTPReceptionStatsDB& receptionStatsDB() const {

    return *fReceptionStatsDB;


  u_int32_t lastReceivedSSRC() const { return fLastReceivedSSRC; }

  // Note: This is the SSRC in the most recently received RTP packet;
not *our* SSRC

  void setStreamSocket(int sockNum, unsigned char streamChannelId) {

    // hack to allow sending RTP over TCP (RFC 2236, section 10.12)

    fRTPInterface.setStreamSocket(sockNum, streamChannelId);


  void setAuxilliaryReadHandler(AuxHandlerFunc* handlerFunc,

                                void* handlerClientData) {





  RTPSource(UsageEnvironment& env, Groupsock* RTPgs,

          unsigned char rtpPayloadFormat, u_int32_t

      // abstract base class

  virtual ~RTPSource();


  RTPInterface fRTPInterface;

  u_int16_t fCurPacketRTPSeqNum;

  u_int32_t fCurPacketRTPTimestamp;

  Boolean fCurPacketMarkerBit;

  Boolean fCurPacketHasBeenSynchronizedUsingRTCP;

  u_int32_t fLastReceivedSSRC;


  // redefined virtual functions:

  virtual Boolean isRTPSource() const;

  virtual void getAttributes() const;


  unsigned char fRTPPayloadFormat;

  unsigned fTimestampFrequency;

  u_int32_t fSSRC;

  RTPReceptionStatsDB* fReceptionStatsDB;


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