Re: Operator delete question

snapwink <>
Tue, 20 Oct 2009 16:30:21 -0700 (PDT)

/* Interface I am trying to implement */
class ISocket
  virtual void Release() = 0;
  virtual void TCPSockMethod() = 0;


you just missed a virtual destructor in your interface...

Yep, I am aware of that. The interfaces we export need to be binary
compatible. If I added a virtual destructor, that would change the
interface's V-table breaking this compatibility. I don't know why the
initial interface we have does not have virtual destructor (guess they
missed it due to some reason), but we would not be able to change

class TCPSocket {


  virtual void Release () {printf ("Socket::Release\n"); delete this;=




the "delete this" on your Release() call will invoke ISocket::~ISocket
() (a no-op function generated by your compiler)

Are you sure? I am calling "delete this" in Socket class. Which should
result in Socket destructor being invoked directly. And since that is
virtual, it should in-turn result in TCPSocket destructor getting
invoked. At-least on GCC this is what's happening.

int main()
  ISocket *pISock = static_cast <ISocket *> (new TCPSocket());
  return 0;


Diego Martins

I am back from the dead :D

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