Re: Doubt on Constructors

"Daniel T." <>
Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:59:45 GMT
In article <>,
 "edu.mvk" <> wrote:

Daniel T. wrote:

In article <>,
 "edu.mvk" <> wrote:


in the below statement :

class A {
   int *i;


 A* a=new A();

if suppose the constructor A() will create a socket and while doing
that it fails and we didnt catch the exception then will the variable
"a" gets the memory..??

Nothing will get the memory. The memory will be given back to the
"system". Unless, of course, someone re-implemented operator new and did
it incorrectly.

Thx for ur answer Daniel,

i have a small doubt..

whats the situation if i didnt throw any exception from that
constructor and the socket creation has failed because of some
reason..?? ( we didnt use the exception handling for that failure )

will the object be created or not ?

Yes it will.

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