Re: Allocating a local variable to a member function

Alex Blekhman <xfkt@oohay.moc>
Tue, 10 Oct 2006 11:59:17 +0200
Angus wrote:

I have a member variable: std::map<int, CAgents> m_AgentsList;

CAgents is just a really small class with some member variables. Just
really a container for agent data.

Agents log in to a server. In my login function I do this:

CAgents myagent;
myagent.m_Socket = pSocket;
myagent.m_strLogin = strLogin;
m_AgentsList[dwDevice] = myagent;

pSocket is a pointer to the client socket.

Basically I need to make a copy of the client socket. But I am
allocating a local variable to a member variable. When the function
returns myagent is no more. Will this not matter because the data is
copied to m_AgentsList? What about pSocket?

I already answered you in one of your previous posts that
m_Socket pointer will be copied in the same manner as other
CAgents members. Copying a pointer doesn't change the data
this pointer points to.

You didn't specify how you obtained `pSocket'. If it points
to some socket instance allocated elsewhere, then you should
keep this instance alive as long as there are CAgents
instances, which hold pointer to the socket.


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