Re: C++ threads...

Fei Liu <>
Wed, 04 Apr 2007 10:36:09 -0400
verdverm wrote:

On Apr 3, 6:33 pm, "barcaroller" <> wrote:

If this is not the right newsgroup for "C++ threads", please consider this
message off-topic and ignore it.
I am writing a multi-threaded application in C++ (on Linux) and I'm
wondering whether there are any recommendations on which C++ threads to use.
The options I've found so far are:

POSIX threads (C interface)
C++ Threads (from SourceForge)

There must be others. Any recommendations?

I am wondering the same thing also...
I havd tried the posix threads with multiple socket clients making
high rate requests and they start hanging (always in socket::recv()
like waiting for incoming data? ), not all at the same time, and not
always all of them.

Not sure if its a thread memory problem or a problem with the TCP
The threads have access to a global static vector and make ~25 GET
http requests per minute

gcc 4.1 / kernel 2.6.20 / basically most recent stable releases


Most likely you have done something wrong. Apache2 can use pthread and I
never heard they had issue like you described. Read the apache2 source
code if you need inspiring examples of MT network programming.


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