Re: Sockets in C++?

"James Kanze" <>
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 11:23:17 CST
On Apr 11, 4:08 am, (Malte Clasen) wrote:

John Nagle wrote:

    Generally, the Standard C++ libraries have been careful to adhere
to a "library" model, where user code calls libraries, rather than a
"framework" model, where the library calls user code. This should

However, I tend to think of function objects as some kind of callback
that is already existing in the standard library. I think passing a
custom strict weak ordering to sort() as an object is more intuitive and
useful than providing the building blocks for a custom sort algorithms
just to stick with the library paradigm.

I think his objection was to an asynchronous callback. (I'm not
familiar with boost.asio, but that's what the name suggests.)
There'a big difference between a callback that is called from
within the function, and one which is called asynchronously,
some time later.

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