Re: How can I improve my C++?

 James Kanze <>
Sun, 17 Jun 2007 13:56:31 -0000
On Jun 17, 8:06 am, John Harrison <> wrote:

tony wrote:

now I've known the basics about C++. What I can do is pretty limited.
I've known something in Java:
1.Networking(Socket, RMI, Servlet)
3.GUI (Java Swing)
4.and some others APIs...
I'm wondering how can I do all of the above in C++.
And I've heard that reading source codes can help one
improve its programming skills, but I don't know how to
read them.

Well the big difference between Java and C++ is that Java is paltform
independent and C++ isn't (or, as they say, Java is a platform). All of
those things can be done in C++ but they would be done differently if
you were programming Windows, Linux or whatever.

Not completely. The real difference is that Java provides
standard libraries for all of these things, where as in C++, you
need third party libraries. If I had to do a GUI in C++, for
example, I certainly wouldn't program Windows or X specific; I'd
use wxWidgets, or something along those lines.

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