Re: client server framework

 James Kanze <>
Tue, 25 Sep 2007 02:16:22 -0700
On Sep 24, 8:20 pm, Bizio <> wrote:

Ok, I am looking to see if someone can point me in the direction of a
simple client server framework for passing messages between two

Basically I will have two computers on their own, isolated network. I
want to be able to pass messages from the client to a server. The
message contains a state and a command, as well as a data portion. The
data portion can be either a char*, an int, or two ints currently.

I have been looking at sockets, but am fairly new at this. I figure
before I went and invested the time upfront to learn good socket
coding standards, i'd see if there was a good framework out there.

If it helps, i am using Borland C++ Builder 2007. I looked athttp://linux= was unable to get it

to compile with BCB 2007. I am fairly new to both BCB 2007 and C++ as
I just switched to C++ from Delphi Pascal.

The obvious solution is Corba; although it might be overkill in
your situation, it has the advantage of being standard.

James Kanze (GABI Software)
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