Re: New C++ garbage collector

"Bo Persson" <>
Tue, 26 Oct 2010 19:55:24 +0200
Leigh Johnston wrote:

On 26/10/2010 18:15, Bo Persson wrote:

Leigh Johnston wrote:

On 26/10/2010 17:26, Paavo Helde wrote:

SG<> wrote in

It seems like an interesting concept. Your GC is even trying to
invoke destructors, though, I would feel uneasy about this in a
multi- threaded application.

There was a looong thread about this several years ago (here or
in clc++m, don't remember). I got an impression that the firm
consensus was that gc should not call destructors - logically the
lost objects would live forever, only the memory is reclaimed and
recycled. This seems to be the only way to make the program
behavior deterministic.

Resulting in resource leaks? Seems pointless to me.

The idea is that gc solves memory leaks, but nothing else.

Bo Persson

So you introduce a new feature (gc) at the expense of another
feature (dtors)? Seems pointless to me.

Not really. If you want deterministic destruction, you use a
destructor. If you don't care about the objects, and just want to
recycle the memory, you might use a gc.

The "firm consensus" was that you don't want destructors to run
(closing a file, releasing a lock, flushing a buffer, closing a
socket?) at random moments when you try to allocate more memory. Not
that everyone agree on this.

Bo Persson

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