Re: friends of a class...

"Ahmed Samieh" <>
12 May 2006 04:43:46 -0700
rory wrote:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class myfirstclass
 int number;
 void greeting();
 friend void test();

void test()
     cout << myfirstclass->number;

1 - number is public so you don't to make a friend function to access
2 - myfirstclass is the class name not an object of class so you can't
use it's name or the '->' token to access number
so u got
expected primary-expression before '->' token
whatever, i understand what do u try to do, listen:

you don't need to make friend function but you need to do like this

class MyClass {

uintptr_t csThread(void *clientData)
MyClass* myObj = clientData;
// to access object members use 'myObj->'


to call csoundCreateThread from any object of MyClass
csoundCreateThread(csThread, (void *) this); /* this : pointer to the
object of MyClass type*/

if it is not clear, post a snippet of ur code show what do u wanna to
do exactly

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