Re: Using function pointers in c++

John Harrison <>
Wed, 21 Feb 2007 18:35:56 GMT
<gi0Dh.10970$> wrote:


I have had this problem several times before, and each time I have
been turned back forced to find another way. But not this time...

How can you cast a Class::* into a void *.

For this example I am using pthread and to start a thread you need to
pass it a void* (*)(void*)

however I have the run function inside a class:

class ThreadBase {
  ThreadBase() {}
  virtual void run() = 0;
  void start_thread() { pthread_create( &__thread_id , 0 ,this-

run , 0 ); }

  void join_thread();
  pthread_t __thread_id;

Now if you inherit from this class and make a run function and call
start_thread you recieve this error:

error: cannot convert void (ThreadBase::*)() to void* (*)(void*)

This doesn't only happen with classes, if you put a function in a
namespace I believe you get a similar error.

Is there a solution, or must you solve the problem another way?

Thanks allot!


Of course there is a way.

Your must pass a function of the correct type to pthread_create but
there is no reason that function cannot call ThreadBase::run

Like this

void run_my_thread(void* my_this)

void ThreadBase::start_thread()
    pthread_create( &__thread_id , 0 , run_my_thread , this );

This is a FAQ of course,


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