Threading classes concept ?

"Lothar Behrens" <>
19 Mar 2007 12:36:38 -0700

I am thinking about using classes to encapsulate threads for my

My requirements are the following:

The thread implementation sould not know what has to be implemented in
thread frunction nor it has to define an abstract method to force
in that. (Then the implementation could not be instantiated)

Also the implementation should not derive from the thread class or
their interface.
(No direct dependencies by linking against the threading library)

That given, I would be able to late bind the real thread
implementation by runtime loading
the instance from any DLL / so module.

Typical samples of a thread class using a static member fuction. But I
prefer to
use a member callback for that. This way I could separate a specific
implementation from the thread base class and also use dynamic loading
of this

In the sample here I have leaved the static member function to be
called at first level.

The trick here I also use on other member callback issues in my
application is a typedef
and store both, the instance to the implementation and the pointer to
the given member

Is there any issue, that let invalidate my concept ?

Thanks for your time !


class lb_I_ThreadImplementation;

typedef (lb_I_ThreadImplementation::*lbThreadFunction)();

// My base for all classes (like Mocrosoft COM)
class lb_I_Unknown;

class lb_I_Thread : public lb_I_Unknown {
        // The thread implementation instance
        lb_I_ThreadImplementation* getThreadImpl() = 0;

        // The callback
        lbThreadFunction getThreadMemberCallback() = 0;

        lbErrCodes setThreadCallback(lb_I_ThreadImplementation* impl,
lbThreadFunction Tfn) = 0;

        virtual lbErrCodes create() = 0;

        virtual lbErrCodes run() = 0;
        virtual lbErrCodes stop() = 0;

        virtual lbErrCodes pause() = 0;
        virtual lbErrCodes resume() = 0;

class lbThreadInternal; // For various operating systems

class lbThread : public lb_I_Thread {
    virtual ~lbThread();

        lb_I_ThreadImplementation* getThreadImpl();
        lbThreadFunction getThreadMemberCallback();
        lbErrCodes setThreadCallback(lb_I_ThreadImplementation* impl,
lbThreadFunction Tfn);

        lbErrCodes create();

        lbErrCodes run();
        lbErrCodes stop();

        lbErrCodes pause();
        lbErrCodes resume();

        lbThreadInternal* thread_internal;

        lb_I_ThreadImplementation* threadimpl;
        lbThreadFunction _tFn;

// Platform based implementation
class lbThreadInternal {
        lb_hThread = 0;

    // create a new (suspended) thread (for the given thread object)
    lbErrCodes Create(lbThread *thread);

    lbErrCodes run();
    lbErrCodes stop();

    lbErrCodes pause();
    lbErrCodes resume();

    // thread function
    static DWORD WinThreadStart(lbThread *thread);

    HANDLE lb_hThread; // handle of the thread
    DWORD lb_ThreadId; // thread id

DWORD lbThreadInternal::WinThreadStart(lbThread *thread)
    // store the thread object in the TLS
    if ( !::TlsSetValue(s_tlsThisThread, thread) )
        // Write some useful logmessage
        return (DWORD)-1;

    if (thread == NULL) {
        // Write some useful logmessage
        return (DWORD)-1;

    DWORD ret = (thread->getThreadImpl()->*((lbThreadFunction) (thread-

getThreadMemberCallback()))) ();

    delete thread;

    return ret;

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