How can I implement this with boost::thread?

Fri, 15 Jun 2007 22:42:00 -0000

I would like to re-implement this function that currently uses

    pthread_mutex_t mutex;
    int i = pthread_mutex_init(&mutex, 0);

    void MutexCB(int lock)
        if (lock)

using the boost library.

So the function has to lock the mutex if 'lock' == true, unlock it
otherwise. It has to be thread safe as well.

I had difficulties since the scoped_lock is NOT thread safe, and the
access to the mutex's do_lock()/do_unlock() methods is private.

P.S. Here is a solution I found. It uses:
- recursive mutex,
- a static lock that gives the access to the lock/unlock mechanism (no
d-tor call during the operations) and
- another lock (on the stack) that makes the static lock thread safe.

    boost::recursive_mutex m;

    void MutexCB(int lock)
        boost::recursive_mutex::scoped_lock l(m); // it makes the 's'
lock thread safe
        static boost::recursive_mutex::scoped_lock s(m, false /*lock
later only if necessary*/);
        if (lock)
        if (!lock)

As you can see it is more complicated that the pthread solution. is
there possible to write a solution at least as simple as the pthreads

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