Re: Trick to prevent conversion

"Tom1s # hilidhe" <>
Fri, 11 Jan 2008 22:01:48 GMT
tragomaskhalos <> wrote in news:b3fd120e-

I think this is a pretty good way of doing it. One way of making it
a bit more elegant/generic would be something like this
(warning - untested):

template <typename W, class TAG> class TypeWrapper {
  W myWrapped;
  explicit TypeWrapper(W wrapped) : myWrapped(wrapped) {}
  W getWrapped() { return myWrapped; }

#define TYPE_WRAPPER(W, X) \
  struct X##Tag{}; \
  typedef TypeWrapper<W, X##Tag> X

This could be in a generic header file, then you could say:
// define types ...
TYPE_WRAPPER(unsigned, ProcessHandle);
TYPE_WRAPPER(unsigned, ThreadHandle);

// use them
ProcessHandle ph(some_unsigned_var);
unsigned x = ph.getWrapped();
// etc but
ThreadHandle th = ph;

Honestly I think that's a bit much. Firstly, I'd want the type to remain
a POD, so constructors and private data are out the window. Also I
wouldn't want member functions coming into it.

I think I was right on track with my struct solution.

Tom1s # hilidhe

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